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The Virgin Islands form a chain of islands stretching about 45 miles between St. Thomas in the west and Virgin Gorda in the east.

Our main Cruising grounds for the winter - and spring months they are considered a "sailor's paradise". They offer many interesting anchorages only a short sail apart.

The waters are relatively protected from the ocean swells. Water sports are excellent and a variety of tourist services is available.


Between St. Martin and Martinique offer a great mix of cultures. There are Dutch, French and British ties still clearly visible in various places. Destinations are further apart and there is quite some open water to cross.

You find more original Caribbean lifestyle and breathtaking tropical beauty on some of these islands, as well as some European Chic on others.

From St. Lucia to Grenada offer a variety of large and small islands. You find all the tropical beauty and another "sailors' paradise" in the Grenadines. Water sports are excellent

This is our preferred Cruising Area for the summer months.

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United States Virgin Islands

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